Founded in 1995, THE LUGANO GROUP INCORPORATED offers financial advisory and investment promotion services to global institutions.

Our activities in the world’s frontier markets have furnished The Lugano Group’s institutional client base with diversified investment opportunities while simultaneously attracting pivotal international capital to these areas.

We maintain a presence in New Orleans, home to one of the world’s leading ports and a city with ingrained commercial and cultural links to countries in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America; in New York City, the world’s preeminent financial capital; and our namesake of Lugano, a vibrant banking hub on the Swiss/ Italian border.

The Lugano Group supplies financial advisory services to private concerns, public sector, and non-governmental organizations with a concentration on developing countries.  The areas in which we have provided advisory include business development, capital markets formation, cruise sector and tourism development, digitization, e-commerce, entertainment, financial services, media, pension reform, and traditional and renewable energy.  We work with project sponsors in accessing financing as well as conducting economic and financial analysis for organizations in the USA and abroad.  The Lugano Group provides economic impact assessments as well as project preliminary and full-scale feasibility studies.

Since its inception, The Lugano Group has worked with business and government organizations from around the globe on investment promotion activities in the USA market.  We have been contracted for high- level investment promotion visits led by the Prime Ministers of Belize, Grenada and Jamaica, and Nigerian Finance Minister.